by Edd Rowland (Clingon Rep) (25/10/13 on Facebook)

[Editor’s note: This guide was written in advance of Freshers’ Trip 2013. While the content is still relevant, some of the links/offers may have expired.]

Since people have already asked about thermals and what you need for freshers’ trip I thought I’d post something here as well.

You will need thermals for on the river. You want to have polyester or nylon thermals, not cotton as cotton is worse than useless. You also want two sets of thermals for both days as the ones you wear on Saturday probably won’t be dry for Sunday.
Decathlon do cheap thermals, I have some so can vouch for them being pretty good. These are the ones you want and they are on offer for £5 if you buy 3 (you need to buy at least 3). Decathlon has a store in Reading also.
Men: Link (Decathlon)
Women: Link (Decathlon)
Primark also do cheap fleeces that are just as good as the decathlon top.

For your legs, Decathlon also do thermals. Ideally you need at least 2.
Men: Link (Decathlon)
Women: Link (Decathlon)
Others swear by thick thermal tights [Primark do good ones] which would be fine also [even for guys].

For your feet you can use old/cheap trainers, though you’ll need a pair of socks to keep your feet warm, like these: Link (Decathlon)
Or a pair of wetsuit booties, you can get some from Marsport, the shop next to the shed.

As an optional extra, a skullcap/earwig is good for your head but not essential. You can get one from marsport. They look like this: Link (Marsport)
If you go to decathlon and buy 3x tops 2x bottoms and some socks to wear with old trainers it will be about £35. There’s not much need to spend any more unless you are feeling flush. There’s no need to spend loads on proper kayaking gear just yet.

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