Previous committees

(as far back as our drink addled minds can remember)

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President: Emily Latham
Vice Presidents: Ana Wass and Hugh Hanmer
Captain: Joe Trapnell
Treasurer: Claire Hollands
Secretary/Kit & Pool Sec: Eddie Morris
General Committee Member: Jodie Irvine
Social Sec: Alex Trickle
Clingon Rep: Edd Rowland


President: Alex Pethybridge
Vice President: Matt Blakemore
Captain: Ryan Page
Treasurer: Anna Casebow
Secretary: Louise George
Kit and Pool Sec: Billy Lumley
Social Secs: Steph Higgins and Kat Coope
Clingon Rep: Edd Rowland


President: Tom Dunne
Vice President: Cat Derham
Captain: Heather White
Treasurer: Ana Wass
Secretary: Kat Willcocks
Competitions Sec: Dazz Dilley
Health and Safety Sec: Oliver Richardson
Social Secs: Matt Major and Scott Pluckrose
Clingon Rep: Edd Rowland


President: Jamie Boyd
Vice President: Jâms Morgan
Captain: Louise Gibbins
Treasurer: Cat Derham
Secretary: Ana Wass
Competitions Sec: Alex Pethybridge
Health and Safety Sec: Darryl “Dazz” Dilley
Kit and Pool Sec: Richard Baines
Social Secs: Tom Dunne and Sally Griffiths
Clingon Rep: Steve Louder
Webmaster: David Symonds


President: Harry Allen
Captain: Jamie Boyd
Treasurer: Celia Meacham
Secretary: Kelly Blackwell
Polo Sec: Jams Morgan
Marathon Sec: Rob Kemlo
Health, Safety and Equipment: Jenny Brambley and David Burton
Social Secretary: Oli Hammans


President: Kathy Charlesworth
Vice President: Millie Maddocks
Captain: Stuart Moffat and Harry Allen
Treasurer: Celia Meacham
Secretary: Rachel Peart
Social Secretary: Charlie Deed


President: Kathryn Charlesworth
Vice President: Andy Clegg
Captain: Charlie Deed
Treasurer: Kate Hadfield and Christina Bristow (Feb-Oct 2008)
Secretary: Tom Wood (Feb-Oct 2008), Mary Stringer (Oct 2008- Feb 2009)
Competitions Rep.: James Pardoe (Feb-Oct 2008), Abi Machin (Oct 2008- Feb 2009)
Health, Safety & Equipment: Marian Brown (Feb-Oct 2008), Wendy Couch (Oct 2008- Feb 2009)
Social Secretary: Rosy Kearney and Laura Venables (Feb-Oct 2008)


President: Ed Rowland
Vice President: Luke “Gro” Hutchinson
Captain: James Pardoe
Treasurer: Nicholas “Crabby” Crabb
Secretary: Marian Brown
Competitions Rep.: Will Hatt
Health, Safety & Equipment: Tom Julian
Social Secretary: Kate Hadfield and Kathryn Charlesworth


President: Steve Louder
Vice President: Alex Latham
Captain: Tom Coombs
Treasurer: Jo Rutherford
Secretary: Kate Linskey
Competitions Rep.: Alex Gunston
Health, Safety & Equipment: Alasdair Robinson
Social Secretary: Ginny Graham and Claire Richards

2005 – 2006

President: Chris Milway
Vice President: Amy Pennington
Captain: Laurence ‘Loz’ Brown
Social Secretary: Alex Latham
Treasurer: Hannah Garvin
Secretary: Hannah Sharp
Health, Safety and Equipment: Diana Clark

2004 – 2005

President: Ashton Eddolls
Vice President: Matt Miles
Captain: Jacob Fitzgerald
Treasurer: Sharon Boys (later Ben Ward)
Heath & Safety: Laurence ‘Loz’ Brown
Secretary: Chris Milway
Competitions: Robert ‘Bobby’ Boydell

2003 – 2004

President: Alex ‘Fresher-Al’ Holt
Vice President: Kevin Cody
Captain: Ashton Eddolls
Treasurer: Kirsty Smith
Health & Safety: Jacob Fitzgerald
Social Secretary: Matt Miles
Secretary: Sharon Boys & Peter ‘Washbag’ Slack
Competitions Rep.: Ollie Kemp
Clingon Rep: Catherine ‘Fish’ Allison

2002 – 2003

President: Mary Herbert
Vice President: Tom Robinson
Captain: James ‘Bladders’ Church
Treasurer: Kevin Cody
Secretary: Kirsty Smith
Social Secretary: Robert Boydell & Diana Clark
Heath & Safety: Mark ‘Sandbag’ Talbot

2001 – 2002

President: Alex ‘Blokey’ Sandrey
Vice President: Mary Herbert & Alix ‘Birdy’ Daley
Treasurer: Erica Burton & Dan Smith
Secretary: James ‘Bladders’ Church
Equipments Secretary: Tom Robinson
Competitiona Rep.: Cherilyn Tilbury
Social Secretary: Toby Shipway & Mark Talbot

2000 – 2001

President: Robert Burton
Vice President: Alix ‘Birdy’ Daley (later Elizabeth Bell)
Captain: Elizabeth Bell (later Alix ‘Bird’ Daley)
Social Secretary: Cherilyn Tilbury
Secretary: Alex Sandrey & Holly Young
Competitions Rep: Gemma O’Donnell
Treasurer: Mary Herbert
Health & Safety: Sian Norris
Clingon Rep: Catherine ‘Fish’ Allison

1999 – 2000

President: Catherine ‘Fish’ Allison
Vice President: Alison ‘Foghorn’ Fenton
Sectretary: Ruth Elmore
Health & Safety Officer: Alix ‘Birdy’ Daley
Social Secretary: Gemma O’Donnell
Captain: Sally ‘Munchkin’ Ormand
Competitions Rep.: Rew Islam (later Elizabeth Bell)
Equipment Officer: Amanda Trethewey
Treasurer: Robert Burton

1998 – 1999

President: Robert Amis
Vice President: Catherine ‘Fish’ Allison
Secretary: Claire Jones
Health & Safety Officer: Alice Clifford
Social Secretary: Sally ‘Munchkin’ Ormand
Captain: Ben Williams
Polo Captain: Greg Emans
Equipment Officer: Jon Cox
Treasurer: Hannah Williamson

1997 – 1998

President: Paul Beswetherick
Vice President: Sanchia ‘WBA’ Paxton
Health & Safety Officer: Nicko ‘Dylan’ Payne
Secretary: Alice Clifford
Social Secretary: Catherine ‘Fish’ Allison
Captain: Jon Cox
Equipment Officer: Andrew ‘Irish’ Burns
Treasurer: Robert Amis

1996 – 1997

President: Helen ‘Welshy’ Jackson
Vice President: Fiona ‘Flea’ Jarvie
Captain: Neil Perkins
Assistant Treasurer: Alison Mayfield
Equipment Officer: Sanchia Paxton

1995 – 1996

President: Cam Sans
Captain: Laurence “Pob” Crow
Social Secretary: Fiona ‘Flea’ Jarvie
Treasurer: Helen ‘Welshy’ Jackson
Equipments Secretary: Dave Bird
Health & Safety: Daniel ‘Spaniel’ Butterfield